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Actions to Increase Our Corporate Value

We will aim for the sustainable growth of our corporate value by refining ‘Big & Unique’ business model, building a profit structure unaffected by change in the market environment, promoting initiatives for health promotion and making use of of IBM ‘s Watson.

Growth of the Senior Market Diversification of Investment Assets Use of IBM’s Watson Our Initiatives for Health Promotion Building a solid business model that is both stable and innovative, with the goal of continuing to increase our corporate value

  • 1 Quality, productivity, and efficiency have incresed with the introduction of Watson in insurance benefit payment operations
  • 2 With the aim of extending people’s healthy life expectancy, we cooperate with Japan Post Group companies and other business partners to promote initiatives to support health promotion

Strategic Business Alliance with Dai-ichi Life Holdings

Strategic Business Alliance with Dai-ichi Life Holdings

On March 29, 2016, Japan Post Insurance and Dai-icih Life Holdings entered into a comprehensive strategic business alliance.
The alliance began with cooperation in three areas: international life insurance business, asset management business and joint research on the domestic life insurance business.
The Alliance will complement and merge each company’s expertise and contribute to the development of local communities throughout Japan, leading to a sustainable enhancement of corporate values of the two companies.

Comprehensive Strategic Business Alliance. Overseas Life Insurance Business. Cooperation for developing life insurance operations in overseas. Asset Management Business. Cooperation for making asset management approach more diversified and sophisticated in a low interest rate environment Research on Domestic Life Insurance Business.  Joint research for developing new products